Experienced Bat Removal Services in Rochester, NY

About Bob Witzel - The Batman

The Batman - Rochester, NY

Bats are messy Nuisance that are capable of carrying rabies. If your home has fallen victim to bats and you are at your wit’s end about how to successfully rid yourself of them, you need to call a bat removal specialist. Known around the area as The Batman, all work is performed by our owner, who has been successfully eliminating bat infestations from the homes and businesses throughout all of Western New York, including Batavia, Canandaigua, Rochester and Dansville, for years.

Bats scope out warm, dry places to inhabit, meaning that they will find places to live by any means necessary. Because male bats are independent, the bats that are present in your home and businesses are mostly female, making it likely that the number of bats will multiply if the infestation is not handled quickly. Our 25 years of experience dealing with bats has given us the ability to pinpoint exactly where the bats are entering your home or business. We have the knowledge to remove the bats before they become a much larger problem. 

For expert bat removal services that you can count on, contact us today. We are fully prepared for the job and will give you tips about how to keep bats off of your property. Call to schedule an appointment today.


Fully Insured & Licensed

We are licensed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and fully insured. We utilize our experience to humanely remove bats from your property.  

Property Inspections

Before beginning the process, we inspect the property. We know all of the warning signs and will explain how the bats entered and why.

Guano Removal

Guano is detrimental to your health. We will remove any droppings we find quickly and safely to ensure that you and others remain unharmed.